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The Way We Lead / October 17, 2022

Equus Workforce Solutions Project Director David Rutler is Working Smart and Doing Good in southwest Georgia. David is the winner of the 2022 Operational Agility award for demonstrating flexibility to meet local needs. The award honors a leader who made adjustments to maximize their impact on a community amidst a changing local landscape.

With the onset of the pandemic, David’s team worked to increase outreach and services by making sure everyone was in the know across the region through Communication and a robust partner network that includes community organizations, service agencies, the faith-based community, employers and other stakeholders.

Team members committed themselves to serving those seeking assistance with whatever tools were available to the individual in need. For some, that meant primarily telephone communications supported by local library computers, while others achieved success via smartphone or tablet.

“It would be easy to say that every project during the pandemic had to deal with operational agility, but David and his team fully embraced virtual services to increase services in a large rural and multicultural service area,” said Equus Workforce Solutions President Mark Douglass. “David’s and his team’s efforts increased services by 17.64%, expanded our area of impact and eliminated the transportation barrier,” added Douglass.

“David, thank you and congratulations to you and your team for demonstrating your Legacy of Communication and for earning this honor!


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