Jobs-Plus – Dareen Generoso

The Way We Lead / March 17, 2022

Jobs-Plus New York City Clinical and Wellness Coordinator Dareen Generoso is Working Smart and Doing Good in New York City, New York.

Dareen joined the Jobs-Plus team in September 2021. With her engaging, can-do Attitude, Dareen has been addressing the stigma surrounding mental health in her community. She has worked to establish trust and form connections with clients to promote wellness and mental health services. Dareen is building awareness through community outreach efforts. She created a partnership between local mental health organizations and the public library to provide a collaborative wellness workshop. She has also hit the ground canvassing neighborhoods and posting flyers to promote Jobs-Plus services.

“Dareen’s approach has helped Jobs-Plus to be amongst the top two vendors in NYC Jobs-Plus programs,” shared Project Director Marisol Figueroa. “Their program has the highest number of workshops and one-on-one engagements.”

Great work, Dareen. You Got Going! to engage your clients and encourage their participation in wellness and mental health initiatives. You are making a difference in the lives of those you support. Thank you for leaving your LEGACY.


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