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The Way We Lead / December 12, 2022

Oasis Healthcare RN Case Manager Joshua Shirley has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He has been with Oasis for four and a half years and was recently promoted to Nurse Preceptor.

Joshua is an important asset to the team at Oasis Healthcare. Clancie Quattlebaum, Clinical Administrator for Hospice at Oasis Healthcare, refers to Joshua as an “example of a team leader and compassionate hospice nurse” who “share[s] his wealth of hospice knowledge and quality nursing skills with his teammates.”

Joshua’s dedication and commitment to helping others resonates with both coworkers and patients. One recent patient’s loved one said she “could not have imagined this journey without Josh.” His ability to go above and beyond to help others results in consistently excellent patient care. Beyond his patients, he ensures their caregivers are also educated and taken care of throughout the time he is with them.

Oasis Hospice recognizes that both the emotional intelligence and clinical knowledge Joshua possesses and shares with others make him a valuable hospice nurse for their team.

Thank you, Joshua, for creating a people-focused Environment for patients, families, caregivers, and coworkers!


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