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The Way We Lead / November 10, 2022

Onco360 Pharmacy Director Kevin Marshall is Working Smart and Doing Good in Louisville, Kentucky. Kevin, who manages the Louisville Oncology Specialty Pharmacy, received the 2022 Specialty Solutions Pharmacy of the Year award, which recognizes the pharmacy that provides exemplary service to the population it serves.

Kevin has been with Onco360 for three years and was promoted a year ago to lead the Louisville-based operation. Under his Leadership in 2021, the Louisville Onco360 team’s clinical efforts delivered 96% average medication ratio for medication adherence for patients. They also achieved a 2021 patient net promoter scoreSM (NPS®) of 91%, and an 86% NPS for physician office satisfaction. NPS measures the loyalty of customers, with 100 being the highest score.

“The Louisville pharmacy is the largest of our pharmacies in volume and, therefore, is the most critical in terms of managing our service and operational effectiveness,” said Onco360 President Randy Falkenrath. “The Louisville pharmacy management team built and grew a high-performance team to ensure patients receive proper and timely care, creating a People-Focused Environment.”

Congratulations to Kevin and the Louisville Onco360 team for their incredible clinical and operational performance in 2021. We salute Kevin’s Legacy of Leadership and the overall Louisville Onco360 team’s success in creating a people-focused Environment!


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