Nurse Practitioner – Omar Diaz

The Way We Lead / November 14, 2022

Nurse Practitioner Omar Diaz has been Working Smart and Doing Good with Western Reserve Medical Group for the last five years.

Omar is a leader within the organization. According to Western Reserve’s Chief Operating Officer Belinda Schraer, “his attitude is contagious. [He’s] always going above and beyond for his patients, families, and communities.” Omar also demonstrates mentorship and guidance to the new NPs who look to him for direction.

Omar appreciates the difference he is able to make as a nurse practitioner. Dr. William Mills, BrightSpring’s Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, says that Omar is “exceptionally well-liked by patients and families, as well as the larger care team,” and this “translates into trust, which helps drive everyone to do their best to ensure that delivering friendly, high-quality, patient-centered care is always top of mind.” Additionally, Omar “makes sure that every patient receives VIP level care,” according to Dr. Miranda Huffman, Medical Director at Western Reserve Medical Group.

Thank you, Omar, for demonstrating Leadership and dedication to those around you!


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