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The Way We Lead / January 12, 2023

In honor of National Pharmacist Day, we’re recognizing the achievements of one of our excellent pharmacists.

OnePoint Patient Care Pharmacist in Charge Rob Friscoe has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Fort Myers, FL.

Rob began working with OnePoint Patient Care in June 2022 after working in hospice. In December 2022, he was honored with the Lead from the Front Award at the OnePoint Patient Care Awards. Erik Jung, PharmD, VP of Pharmacy Operations, says, “Rob motivates his team through leading by example, and they always get the job done to the highest standard.”

Rob personally views leading by example as his strongest management philosophy. He says, “A cohesive team results when a manger is approachable and listens.” This philosophy has delivered for Rob, as he was a critical asset to the Fort Myers team during Hurricane Ian. Erik stated, “He showed exceptional leadership by opening a new, high-volume pharmacy in a very short time, as well as ensuring that our hospice partners and patients always received the medications they needed.” Rob stepped up and provided extraordinary guidance during a difficult time.

Rob’s Leadership makes him an invaluable part of his team, and an important resource for everybody around him. Thank you, Rob, for your dedication to effective leadership and always striving to help those around you live their best lives.


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