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The Way We Lead / January 9, 2023

All Ways Caring HomeCare Caregiver Jorje Beserra has been Working Smart and Doing Good in San Leandro, CA.

Jorje did not have much experience when he started at All Ways Caring HomeCare, but he has never let that get in the way of providing the best care that he can.

Jorje is always positive and uses his upbeat attitude as a method of encouraging those he supports to live their best lives. HR Recruitment Coordinator Margarita Estrada says, “Jorje’s cheerful spirit spreads through to his clients.” He cares about relating to each person as an individual and works hard to make sure they are successful.

Jorje’s dedication shines through in his attitude. He is always present and giving his best effort. Margarita says they “receive calls and requests from clients who want him to be their ongoing caregiver.” His ability to foster positive relationships through reliability, positivity, and cooperation has led Jorje to gain experience in his role with only positive feedback.

Jorje, thank you for leading with an unbreakable positive Attitude and sharing your spirit with others. You are an asset to your team and to the people you support.


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