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The Way We Lead / December 4, 2023

Pharmacy Alternatives Director of Client Services Dania Nussbaumer has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Louisville, KY.

Dania began her career in the long-term care (LTC) industry as an administrative assistant and worked her way up into sales and account management. Through this experience, she says, “I got to see the whole continuum of long-term care, which laid a solid foundation for me.”

Transitioning to responsibilities related to the intellectual/developmental disability (I/DD) business was an easy decision for Dania. Her daughter Kacy, now 27, has special needs and requires assistance with activities of daily living. Kacy is able to communicate quite effectively with her family and caregivers, despite being non-verbal, and graduated schooling at 22. Dania says, “My experience with I/DD was with Kacy. I learned as I went – I wanted to learn everything I could so I could impact her quality of living.” Today, Kacy is happy and healthy, remaining active with her family and attending community events.

Dania’s experience with Kacy gives her a unique insight that she uses regularly in her career, knowing what other caregivers may need and helping them to find critical resources. The foundation of knowledge she built raising Kacy has equipped her to contribute to various entities within the continuum of care and share those pathways with others. In turn, her professional background has helped her to better advocate for her daughter.

Dania, you know how to Get Going! Not only do you know your business, but you constantly work to build upon that knowledge for the purpose of helping more people. Your ability to make connections across various experiences is integral to your success in helping others live their best lives.


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