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The Way We Lead / December 7, 2023

Rehab Without Walls Lead Therapist Bethany Thorson has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Westminster, CO.

In 2021, Bethany began working with a patient named Greg. In 2015, Greg had been a police officer for nine years when he was kicked in the head by a horse while on-duty. The initial kick knocked him unconscious until he fell onto the road and struck his right temple, causing him to come to.

Greg found Rehab Without Walls six years later after a few failed attempts at therapy. Bethany explained to Greg how speech therapy could be beneficial to his recovery, despite his maintained ability to speak. Through her consistent work, Greg was able to understand and adjust to his “new normal.” Bethany helped Greg understand why he has certain experiences and they have developed workarounds to improve his quality of life.

After two years with Bethany, Greg was discharged from therapy. He says, “I wouldn’t say I am ready because who isn’t afraid of the unknown? But I can say that I can face life head-on thanks to Bethany’s teachings.”

Bethany, your creation of a people-focused Environment helps your patients to live their best lives. By meeting each patient where they are and understanding their individual journeys, you are able to provide high-quality, effective treatment. Thank you!


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