Pharmacy Alternatives – Jonathan Brown

The Way We Lead / September 25, 2023

Today we observe World Pharmacists Day. Pharmacy Alternatives Lead Pharmacist Jonathan Brown has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Christiansburg, VA.

Jonathan has been a pharmacist at Pharmacy Alternatives for almost nine years. He says, “I got into pharmacy to help people, and that still holds true today. I enjoy talking to and helping the nurses each day. I have formed great relationships with our nurses and caregivers.”

A leader for his team, Jonathan has several responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. Beyond inputting, filling, and verifying prescriptions and preparing medications to ship out, a large portion of Jonathan’s day is spent managing customer service and overall pharmacy workflow to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Moving forward, Jonathan believes that counseling and communication with caregivers and clients will play a larger role in pharmacists’ careers. The role of the pharmacist has already progressed throughout his tenure, and Jonathan’s understanding of his career and dedication to patient care will help him prepare for continued evolution.

Thank you, Jonathan, for your Leadership! You set an example for your team and maintain a productive environment that helps others live their best lives.


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