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The Way We Lead / December 1, 2022

PharMerica Marketing Program Manager Joe Hans is Working Smart and Doing Good in Louisville, Kentucky. Joe brings a unique perspective to his job at PharMerica: he is the father of an adult son with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), and PharMerica has numerous I/DD-related pharmacies that operate under the Pharmacy Alternatives brand.

Joe came to PharMerica over two years ago. He appreciates that he is with colleagues who are committed to ensuring that people, like his son, get the care they need and that parents, like him, get support to help their children. “People who work here are concerned with patients’ well-being and health, including the issues we faced with our son,” he said.

The pharmacists with PharMerica add a level of confidence to those they serve because they understand I/DD. “These are really good people who are dedicated and concerned with making sure things are being done right,” said Joe, “This is so important because a missed dose or a drug-to-drug interaction can be devastating.”

Joe acknowledges that being a parent of a son with I/DD helps him in his job. “I understand the needs and challenges of people with I/DD and the importance of PharMerica helping providers ensure that individuals get the right medications in a way that keeps them safe and maximizes their quality of life,” he said.

Joe Got Going and put together a terminology list that helps differentiate I/DD and PharMerica’s skilled nursing business line to ensure his colleagues are connecting with clients and prospects using the right language. “I am committed to enabling our staff to understand the roles we play and what they mean to our clients and patients,” he said, “I love the idea that we are doing good work.”

Thank you, Joe, for your positive Attitude and seeing the possibility to do good!


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