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The Way We Lead / February 6, 2024

Rehab Without Walls (RWW) Occupational Therapist Forrest Washburn has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Sterling Heights, MI.

Forrest’s recent patient, Philip, had a massive stroke while hunting with his father. Only 31 at the time, Philip had been a graphic designer and avid weightlifter, but was left unable to draw or lift weights after the stroke affected his right side. Doctors initially told his family they should not expect any improvements.

Forrest brings new activities to each therapy session to make their work fun while continuing to challenge and encourage Philip. He keeps the family informed, teaches them how to help, and works with them on their home setup to ensure Philip’s safety.

Philip’s mom says, “Many told us to expect slow progress, but I see wins all the time. Forrest has never told us Philip is moving slowly. He makes Philip laugh and feel strong. Most every day, I sit on the sidelines thanking God for Forrest and Level Eleven (an RWW clinic) and cry with joy watching my son get better and better. It’s more beautiful than words can describe.”

Forrest, thank you for the work you do each day to support your patients. You demonstrate clear Communication, keeping Philip’s parents in the know so his recovery can be better supported outside his therapy sessions. This enables Philip to continue reaching his goals and living his best life.


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