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The Way We Lead / February 8, 2024

The ResCare Community Living Kaylynn Home Team has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Canton, OH.

Guardians of a Kaylynn Home client named Dani recently wrote a letter commending the service delivered by staff members. They begin by acknowledging Executive Director Barbie Ballway, who demonstrates professionalism built on leadership and compassion, meeting every expectation she set for the guardians at
the beginning of their journey.

Within the home, the guardians recognized the hard work of Residential Manager Katelynn Dieble and Direct Support Professionals Armani Davis, Megan Mackey, Clarissa Hinton, and Cyrus Lopez. They have seen Dani walk up to Megan and begin to dance, something they know Dani only does with the people she trusts the most. Whenever Dani walks past an open office door with Armani working inside, she smiles and sits quietly while Armani talks to her. Her guardians say, “Dani not only enjoys the attention she receives, but is also reliving memories of an adoptive mother that sadly passed away when she was younger.”

While Katelynn is newer to the team, she quickly won Dani’s trust while engaging with her guardians and challenging them to find alternative forms of communication for Dani. She has displayed an eagerness to work with Dani and help her reach all of her goals. Cyrus, though not involved in Dani’s direct care, consistently displays compassion and respect to everyone in the home while maintaining professionalism. He nicknamed Dani “Cheese” because of the cheesy smiles she gives him when she wants to interact.

Finally, Dani’s guardians speak highly of Clarissa, who works the night shift. She has been proactive with Dani, and goes beyond her minimum duties to care for her. One guardian says, “this is obvious because I was present when Dani spoke, clearly, a single word to Clarissa. This was the only time Dani has spoken in any recorded history.”

Thank you to the entire Kaylynn House team for the dedication and respect you show to clients like Dani. You all Get Going and know your business, working together to provide consistent, high-quality care and helping each client live their best life.


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