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The Way We Lead / February 13, 2024

Rehab Without Walls (RWW) Admissions Coordinator Nicole Montgomery has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Lansing, MI.

Nicole joined RWW in April 2021, leading admissions for the Home and Community Program. Her past experience as the Director of Rehab at a skilled nursing facility allows her to uniquely lead and advocate for patient’s access to specialized care every day.

The Michigan team recently received a referral for a young adult in need of comprehensive neuro-specialized rehab following a brain injury. His primary insurance was insufficient to meet the needs of his diagnosis, and Nicole spearheaded the effort to gather letters of Medical Necessity and therapy documentation. She also helped educate the patient’s parents on how to best advocate for their son in communications with the insurance company.

Motivated by the family’s passion and satisfaction with the patient’s progress, Nicole uncovered an alternate route that enables this individual to access his rehabilitation with RWW for as long as he needs. This requires a monthly process to gain ongoing insurance approval, demonstrating the commitment to advocacy from Nicole and her team.

Nicole, thank you for using your Communication skills to keep everybody in the know. This unity enables your team to provide each patient the best treatment options and a high quality of support throughout their recovery.


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