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The Way We Lead / January 2, 2024

The Rehab Without Walls therapy team in Phoenix, AZ, has been Working Smart and Doing Good.

In December 2021, Officer Tyler Moldovan sustained multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head, while in the line of duty. After one month in the hospital, he was transferred to inpatient rehab at a different hospital. Upon leaving that program in June 2022, he continued post-acute neurorehabilitation with Rehab Without Walls (RWW).

Over time, Officer Moldovan began to make steady progress. He progressed from a power to manual wheelchair with the assistance of his therapists. From there, Tyler continued to gain independence, no longer requiring a mechanical lift or adaptive transportation. In May 2023, Tyler was nominated for the Arizona Workers Comp Association (AWCA) Rehabilitant of the Year Award by his therapy team. He won the award, supported by his family, police leadership, and his RWW team.

In April 2023, Tyler threw the first pitch at the Arizona Diamondbacks home opener. When he was invited back to throw the first pitch at a World Series game in November, his RWW therapists were there to support him. They practiced in the parking lot at the day treatment clinic to make sure he was warmed up. Physical Therapist Kristin Zevely also accompanied Tyler onto the field to practice in the stadium prior to the game. Community Relations Manager Maribeth Hirte said, “RWW therapists go where our patients go, helping them to be independent and successful in multiple settings!”

Thank you to the entire RWW team in Phoenix. Your positive Attitude helps people like Tyler see the possibilities ahead of them and push to reach their goals. Your commitment to your patients’ futures helps them live their best lives.


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