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The Way We Lead / December 28, 2023

ResCare Community Living Instructor Evelyn Salgado has been Working Smart and Doing Good in National City, CA.

During an emergency situation in the spring of 2023 where clients were temporarily displaced from their home to a local hotel, Evelyn assisted with transporting clients to the alternate location. She also worked overnight shifts in the hotel to make sure the clients received quality care and support. It was a stressful situation for all, and Evelyn stepped up and helped her team succeed in overcoming this challenge.

Evelyn is also a great client advocate. This past year, there was a client who moved into the home and had personal challenges adjusting to an unfamiliar environment. Evelyn offered this person advice and constructive feedback to help her adjust. This client has demonstrated significant personal growth with the help of Evelyn’s compassionate and honest approach. She is now helping this client achieve one of her lifelong goals, which is to write her life story. Evelyn has helped her develop her writing and grammar skills to become a stronger writer. The client has almost completed her book.

In the fall of 2022, a client that Evelyn worked with expressed a desire to do something charitable during the holidays. The client, who at one point in her life had been under hospice care, told Evelyn that she was very grateful to no longer be under hospice care, and that she wanted to reach out to other people in that situation. They decided to do a gift-giving mission for clients under hospice care in other ResCare homes. Evelyn helped the client write letters of support and pick out stuffed animals for these individuals. They went to three different homes to hand-deliver these gifts and letters to the individuals. Without Evelyn’s help, this would not have been achieved. The client decided to continue this endeavor in the years to come.

Thank you, Evelyn, for being You. You are an example to those around you, and the effort you put forth in helping clients reach their goals also assists them in living their best lives.


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