Rehab Without Walls – Jessica Ford, Siobhan Nelson, Jamie Ford, and Elise Kelly

The Way We Lead / December 21, 2023

Rehab Without Walls Therapists Jessica Ford, PT, Siobhan Nelson, OTR, Jamie Ford, PT, and Elise Kelly, OTR, have been Working Smart and Doing Good in Westminster, CO.

The team’s recent patient, Amy, was bitten by a mosquito carrying West Nile Virus in August of 2021. Within days, she was paralyzed from the neck down and unable to move, eventually spending three months in the ICU followed by two months at a neurorehabilitation hospital.

While still in this hospital, Amy connected with Rehab Without Walls, and her team of therapists began helping as soon as she came home. Jamie and Elise were cognizant of Amy’s desire to return to swimming, hiking, cooking, and teaching second grade. They kept these goals in mind each session and used this connection to motivate Amy in her exercises.

Jessica and Siobhan brought innovation to Amy’s recovery, thinking of new ways to rehabilitate her arms and build independence while also having support strategies in place. The two helped Amy develop a strong at-home program, and after a few months, she had regained enough strength to drive herself to therapies. Only a couple months after that, Amy returned to the classroom full-time.

Amy says, “My therapists did whatever they could do to support my interests and cheer me on as I improved. Although their job was to fix a broken body, they also fixed a broken heart. I wasn’t sure I would live the life I had before the mosquito bite, but my therapists saw to it that I climbed mountains, literally!”

Jessica, Siobhan, Jamie, and Elise, thank you for your positive Attitude and ability to see the possibilities in each patient’s recovery. Your work as individuals and as a team helps each person you support live their best life.


Pictured with Amy (center): Jessica and Siobhan (top), Jamie and Elise (bottom)

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