Rehab Without Walls – Veronica Corrin, Samantha Atwood, Jami Eaton, and Emily Young

The Way We Lead / April 4, 2024

Rehab Without Walls (RWW) Occupational Therapist Veronica Corrin, Music Therapist Samantha Atwood, Speech-Language Pathologist Jami Eaton, and Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Emily Young have been Working Smart and Doing Good in Houston, TX.

Veronica and Samantha recently hosted their annual Brain Injury Virtual Connect (BIVC) meet-up on Friday, March 8. This was a collaborative effort between BIVC, the Coffee Chat group led by Jami, and the Opening Arts and Minds inclusive art program led by Emily. The event was held at Gallery One Studio and open to current and former RWW patients and their families.

The overall goal of the meet-up was to socialize and enhance the sense of community initially achieved in the virtual support groups. One group member from Dallas even took his first airplane flight post-injury to attend. Participants were able to further connections and exchange resources, fostering a community initially developed in the weekly meetings held by Veronica, Samantha, and Jami.

At the meet-up, group members were able to admire art in the gallery space and take part in a beadwork craft, creating a keychain or bracelet displaying the word “Connect.” After the success of this event, BIVC looks forward to hosting another later this year.

Veronica, Samantha, Jami, and Emily, thank you for your Leadership and creation of a people-focused Environment through dedicated teamwork. Your work supporting those in their continued recovery helps both current and former patients live their best lives.


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