ResCare Community Living – April Skinner

The Way We Lead / January 26, 2023

ResCare Community Living Nursing Director April Skinner has been Working Smart and Doing Good in New Albany, IN.

April leads a team of a dozen nurses who oversee more than 650 employees and care for around 330 intellectually disabled adults. She works hard to make sure each person she serves is taken care of and able to live their best life.

Program Director Rob Cooley says, “She leads by example and understands that each of our clients are different and need activities suited to their needs.” April is a compassionate caregiver and strives to provide that individualized experience to everyone.

April is passionate about her career and those she serves. She is an attentive listener; a skill she uses to to better understand each person she supports and what specific steps she can take to ensure they have the best care. Rob says, “She encourages her team to take time with each client to understand and support their individual healthcare needs.” April leads by example and puts the needs of others before herself to better support her team.

April, you know your business and know how to Get Going to make a difference in the lives of those around you. Your understanding and compassion make you an excellent caregiver and a strong leader for your team.


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