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The Way We Lead / September 18, 2023

ResCare Community Living Residential Manager Brandie Houston has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Gainesville, FL.

This month, Brandie was recognized by the Florida Alliance for Direct Support Professionals for her excellence as a DSP and Residential Manager. Brandie’s reputation as a caregiver and advocate is well-known throughout the state and is defined by her passion to help others, her unceasing advocacy, and her dedication.

Brandie is known for embracing individuals with behavioral challenges that have prevented them from community inclusion and for achieving remarkable breakthroughs to improve their lives. She ensures that other caregivers recognize that each person is unique and capable of directing their own life. She is committed to providing person-centered support for each individual.

Brandie skillfully communicates with both the verbal and non-verbal people she supports to figure out their personal preferences and interests. All of her clients’ bedrooms are a unique reflection of their individual personalities and provide them with a sense of joy and independence. Brandie makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in social events and activities and encourages her peers to do the same. Many family members and guardians have stated how thankful they are for Brandie and the impact she makes on the lives of their loved ones.

Thank you for your ability to foster a people-focused Environment, Brandie! Your focus on the best interests of the people you support and your leadership among your peers allows everyone in your community to live their best life.


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