ResCare Community Living – Envera Celo

The Way We Lead / May 7, 2024

This week, we recognize National Nurses Week and celebrate our dedicated employees who work in this field. ResCare Community Living Director of Nursing Envera Celo has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Clearwater, FL.

Envera began her career with ResCare four years ago and is known to go above and beyond as a clinician by providing uncompromised, superlative care at all times. She has built a reputation among guardians and medical consultants alike for her dedication to solving complicated medical problems and achieving breakthroughs for her clients that have improved their quality of life.

Envera prioritizes the clients’ well-being, visiting each time they are admitted to the hospital and performing return assessments as soon as they return home. During a nursing shortage, Envera took action and became a state-certified medication administration trainer. She then traveled across the operation to train other employees so clients could have certified medication passers available at all times.

Thank you, Envera! Your willingness to go the extra mile for the benefit of your coworkers and the people you support is commendable. You maintain a positive Attitude and never back down from a challenge, ensuring everyone in your operation can live their best lives.


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