ResCare Community Living – Mandy Farr

The Way We Lead / January 30, 2024

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Lead Mandy Farr has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Indianapolis, IN.

Mandy understands the needs of her individuals and does what she can to support them in reaching their goals and becoming more independent. This includes encouraging the clients to participate in cleaning and organizing the home as well as preparing meals.

Mandy also values relationships and assists her individuals in forming bonds within the community. She says, “They need to know that it is easy to make friends if you just be yourself and have fun. They learn that if they get nervous or stumble in their words, that most people don’t care, and this makes them more confident the next time they speak to someone new.”

Mandy is proud of the work she does in making sure the clients in her home participate in many different activities within their community. She believes that they should be open to diverse experiences and teaches them to be appreciative and respectful of others. This helps the individuals to enjoy new interactions and form stronger relationships with those around them.

Thank you, Mandy, for your commitment to those you support. You demonstrate Leadership in your home, understanding what your individuals need to reach their goals and live their best lives.


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