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The Way We Lead / November 2, 2023

Rest Assured Telecare and Remote Support Monitor Lori Minth has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Lafayette, IN.

Lori is a servant leader among her peers, demonstrated by her willingness to put the needs of others above her own. Last winter, one of Lori’s coworkers was snowed in and could not make it to work. Lori volunteered to help and make sure the shift was covered so the clients could still receive quality support.

Lori builds connections with each individual. One of the people she supports is terrified of thunderstorms. Whenever storms are in the area, she will pull up the weather and call that individual to explain what is going to happen and let her know that the storm will soon pass. Lori’s reassurance helps this individual to know she will be safe and therefore less afraid. Lori understands the positive impact these interactions have and will now also call the individual regularly to let her know if she may need to wear a coat or rain boots that day.

As a remote tele-caregiver, Lori focuses on making each on-camera interaction meaningful and person-centered. She assists each individual in being more independent with their medication oversight and reminders and in completing daily tasks such as cooking or chores. Lori also makes sure to have conversations with each person about topics that are important to them, and always asks about their day, their work or school, and any upcoming plans they might have.

Lori, your formation of strong relationships with the individuals you support creates a people-focused Environment that helps them to live their best lives. Thank you!


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