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The Way We Lead / October 30, 2023

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Professional Loneta Iding has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Tomahawk, WI.

Loneta has worked in the same home for the past seven years, supporting eight individuals with highly complex medical requirements. Over time, she has become an expert on the specific needs of each person and can quickly detect changes in medical conditions.

Loneta’s leadership and expertise are recognized by those around her. One time, a coworker alerted her to an individual in the home who was unresponsive. They immediately jumped to action, and the other staff member called 911 while Loneta began CPR until police and paramedics arrived. Her knowledge and tenure make Loneta an example and a leader in emergency situations that may arise.

The relationships her individuals form with others is an important focus for Loneta. One example of this is her planning of a picnic held at a community park. Loneta prepared a dish and made sure the needs were met for all eight individuals, including having a food processor and adaptive utensils available. Her foresight and careful planning allowed everyone to participate and have a great time. While at the picnic, Loneta encouraged the individuals to participate in activities and talk to one another.

Your Leadership is effective toward providing high-quality care to the people you support, Loneta. Thank you for setting an example for others and demonstrating a constant dedication to helping others live their best lives.


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