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The Way We Lead / October 26, 2023

In honor of Occupational Therapy Day tomorrow, we celebrate Rehab Without Walls Occupational Therapist Marina Thompson, who has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Biddeford, ME.

Part of the Rehab Without Walls family for more than two years, Marina is consistent in practicing patient-centered care and working toward a positive impact on the overall population her team supports in Maine. If a patient meets a goal, Marina doesn’t move on, but consults the entire team and digs deeper to see what other work can be done.

Recently, Marina was part of the team supporting a patient in recovery after experiencing a stoke while recovering from routine surgery. This patient had a honeymoon in Europe scheduled just three months post-stroke and was worried she would have to cancel. Her therapists, including Marina, met her with positive energy and personalized her treatment toward goals that would be both motivational and relevant to her life. Their person-centered approach allowed the patient to not just meet her goals, but exceed them, returning to work three months earlier than initially predicted and leaving for her honeymoon this past Sunday.

Marina frequently receives kudos and compliments from other team members, patients, and families regarding her approach to treatment and the positive change she has made in their lives. She regularly seeks out new opportunities for growth that she can translate into providing better care and support for her patients. Marina says, “I feel honored to be a part of the recovery process and build confidence and independence in meaningful activities within a patient’s natural environment and their community.”

Thank you, Marina, for fostering a people-focused Environment and maintaining a positive Attitude. You can see the possibilities in everyone you support and your team’s individualized approach to each person helps them more effectively live their best lives.


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