Adoration Hospice – Dahron Johnson

The Way We Lead / October 23, 2023

This week, we observe Pastoral and Spiritual Care Week, and Adoration Hospice Bereavement Coordinator Dahron Johnson has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Madison, TN.

Dahron is a clinically trained chaplain and has worked in health care settings for over 15 years. Much of that tenure has been in hospice and palliative care, after time in residency observing the impact intentional, holistic care can have on those approaching the end of life. For the past three years, Dahron has focused solely on support after a death has occurred.

Besides serving on BrightSpring’s Equity Advisory Council, Dahron has taken on several other roles in her community that allow her to utilize skills developed in her career towards helping more people in her community live their best lives. Dahron is the Chair for a regional community advisory board for LGBTQ health, a member of a state-wide council focused on resources and support for those with intellectual and physical disabilities, and she serves as a community member on a board overseeing research efforts with veterans.

Dahron goes above and beyond to foster a people-focused atmosphere in both her workplace and greater community. She says, “Creating welcome is about how we demonstrate a genuine desire to create space and connect with others as they are.” Dahron is able to meet people where they are in grief as an effective bereavement coordinator, then transition those skills to effectively support others around her.

Thank you, Dahron, for your dedication to a people-focused Environment. Your initiative and level of involvement set an example of service Leadership. Your ability to connect with other people and help them live their best lives is appreciated.


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