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The Way We Lead / March 28, 2024

SpringHealth Behavioral Health & Integrated Care Regional Director Brittany Gonzalez has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Corona, CA.

Brittany is the winner of the Behavioral Health division’s LEGACY Award for 2024. She started her career in California in 2018 with one client and has since grown to support more than 500 clients across California and Washington.

Brittany is a natural leader, providing direction to supervisors and emphasizing the importance of applied behavior analysis (ABA) principles. She also stresses the importance of compassion and empathy when working with families, increasing the quality of care provided.

Brittany takes a person-centered approach to her daily responsibilities, maintaining open communication with technicians, board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA), and anyone else who expresses a concern. Assistant Clinical Supervisor Tori Stitt says, “A leader should be someone who can encourage others to follow their dream or passion while providing direction along the way, and Brittany does that.”

Thank you for your dedicated and focused Leadership, Brittany. Your success is driven by a motivation to consistently support more people while raising the quality of care, helping as many people as possible live their best lives. Congratulations!


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