Amerita Enteral – Victoria Naberhaus

The Way We Lead / February 10, 2022

Amerita Enteral Supervisor Victoria (Vicki) Naberhaus is Working Smart and Doing Good in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

When backorders and product shortages threatened the delivery of several different formula types, Vicki Got Going! to procure the needed products for her patients. She visited other offices and contacted outside sources to ensure her patients’ deliveries went out on time and they wouldn’t have to purchase anything out of pocket that their insurance would normally cover.

“Vicki went above and beyond to make sure our patients were getting the care and services we strive to provide each day,” said Enteral Intake Coordinator Julie Cook. “Through her efforts, she ensured her patients were taken care of and no one went without. They didn’t even realize the extra work Vicki was doing in the background on their behalf.”

Well done, Vicki. You recognized a need and Got Going! to address the situation for the wellbeing of your patients. Thank you for making the effort and for leaving your LEGACY.


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