Tabitha Samuelson

Providing Thought Leadership / September 12, 2018

Tabitha Samuelson, a ResCare HomeCare employee in St. Joseph, Missouri, is another caregiver to celebrate during BrightSpring’s month of recognitions!

Tabitha is so passionate about her job as a caregiver that she will quite literally go the extra mile for her clients. At one point, Tabitha lost access to her personal vehicle, so she arranged taxi, bus or Uber rides to ensure she would get to her clients on time.

Clients say Tabitha is like family to them, and one described her as an “angel” in a recent local news article about Tabitha’s dedication to help people live their best life.

“I’m just glad I have other ways to make sure that my clients get taken care of,” Tabitha told the newspaper. “If it’s one of those days where I don’t have very many clients or I don’t have very much to do … if it means my people will get taken care of, I’ll walk.”

Tabitha is a former Air Force mechanic and says her positive outlook comes from her time spent in the military.

Thank you, Tabitha, for your outstanding and contagious attitude!

If you’re also willing to go the extra mile to help people live their best life, BrightSpring Health Services encourages you join the ResCare HomeCare or ResCare Community Living team today.

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