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Providing Thought Leadership / September 19, 2018

As BrightSpring Health Services continues its month of recognitions, it’s also proud to share this heartwarming story about ResCare Community Living direct support professionals (DSPs) in Arlington, Texas.

DSPs Bonnie Amos, Felicia Hardin, Rhonda Rork and Ida Woods, along with site supervisor Loretta Miller, recently welcomed an individual who has multiple disabilities, including deafness and blindness.

The individual’s parents were worried about all the challenges their daughter would face when she moved in November, because she would have to learn to communicate in a new setting and navigate new surroundings.

Fast forward nine months to this August, when the mother wrote a heartfelt letter to the executive director in Arlington.

“We have observed each staff member treat our daughter with such loving care, gentleness and respect — it warms our heart,” the mother wrote. “Please know how appreciative we are of each of these ladies.”

Thank you, Bonnie, Felicia, Rhonda, Ida and Loretta, BrightSpring is also very appreciative of each you. The work you do matters, especially for this individual and her mom.

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