Rehab Without Walls – Estella Salazar

The Way We Lead / February 13, 2023

Rehab Without Walls Caregiver Estella Salazar has been Working Smart and Doing Good in San Marcos, TX.

Estella has worked with Rehab Without Walls for several years and continues to model exemplary behaviors like respect, responsibility, and consideration. She always focuses on the people around her, which creates a welcoming and open environment for the individuals she supports and her coworkers.

Recently, Estella took on an additional role of Kitchen Coordinator. Buiness Office Manager Tamika Chavez says, “She has faced issues due to COVID shortages of supplies and an overall increase in cost, but she has worked hard to find good, homemade ingredients to continue serving quality food.” She will shop at multiple grocery stores when needed to ensure the people she serves have everything they need.

Estella’s people-focused approach to every task has built a strong, community-based Environment. Estella, your respect for others is evident in your actions, and you set the standard for everyone around you. Thank you for your devotion to helping those you support live their best lives.


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