Rehab Without Walls – Jill Corrigan

The Way We Lead / February 9, 2023

Rehab Without Walls Social Worker Jill Corrigan has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Augusta, GA.

Jill sees the benefits of collaboration and works closely with other clinicians in each case. “She shares what she can with the team to allow them to work cohesively as an interdisciplinary unit to help the patient achieve their goals to leading a more functionally independent life,” says Vice President of Operations Julianne Krissinger.

In addition to her social work licensure, Jill is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and she teaches communication skills courses for patients and their caregivers.

Through the time she invests with each patient and the development of well-rounded treatment plans, Jill is able to build strong relationships with her individuals. She can get them to dig deep when it comes to making adjustments and setting goals for the future to manage a more comprehensive recovery. This results in them being able to live their best lives moving forward.

Seeing the possibilities is what encourages Jill in all aspects of her career. Jill, your positive Attitude is what drives the people you support closer to a healthy and more independent life. Thank you for your commitment to a brighter future.


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