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The Way We Lead / February 6, 2023

All Ways Caring HomeCare Direct Support Professional Gregory Hopkins has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Burlington, NC.

Gregory is passionate about providing support and will always take on new individuals if needed. He recently began serving a fifth person on a weekly basis, and has been praised for keeping up with and understanding each person’s unique needs and goals.

Gregory’s selfless nature and dedication to the care of his individuals sometimes means an extended commute. Branch Manager Johnny Graybeal says, “He does not let the limitations of the clients’ location hinder him from making positive progress with them.” Not only will Gregory make a longer drive on weekends to work with one individual, he will also drive him several miles to social centers for community interaction and involvement.

The people-focused Environment Gregory creates builds an entire community of support around each individual. Putting others’ needs above his own and spending quality time with everyone he supports allows him to develop a relationship that helps everyone achieve their goals. Great job, Gregory, and thank you.


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