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The Way We Lead / August 17, 2023

All Ways Caring HomeCare Certified Caregiver Dale Ermey has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Colville, WA.

Dale left his previous job and took on the responsibility of being his wife’s full-time caregiver when she became terminally ill. After her passing, he moved to Eastern Washington to care for his elderly father, beginning his career with All Ways Caring in early 2022.

One of Dale’s clients had recently moved out of a facility to live with his grandparents when Dale began working with them. The first few days were difficult, as this individual was prone to bouts of rage that included throwing or breaking things. With Dale’s positive outlook and can-do spirit, this individual has adapted to being content in his new surroundings and has settled into a calmer daily routine.

What Dale has accomplished with this client has allowed him to stay at home, which means the world to his family. The client’s grandparents credit Dale with helping them make the first steps toward rebuilding a relationship with their grandson.

Thank you, Dale, for building a people-focused Environment with a strong foundation based on meaningful relationships. Your commitment to ensuring your client can be successful living at home with his family demonstrates your dedication to helping those around you to live their best lives.


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