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The Way We Lead / August 21, 2023

Rehab Without Walls Residential Rehab Specialist Deanne Mayo has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Brewer, ME.

A leader by example, Deanne regularly covers open shifts at her own home as well as others up to two hours away. She is willing to accept additional responsibilities, prioritizing compliance, safety, and overall cleanliness of her homes and setting an example for others. When not assisting clients directly, Deanne is on the phone with other providers, parents, care coordinators, or other members of the treatment team.

Beyond the clinical setting, Deanne enjoys developing unique outings for her clients that are directly related to their goals. These can include navigating a concession stand, checking out at a store, banking, and attending concerts or other events. On these excursions, Deanne encourages independence while supporting them if they need assistance in stepping out of their comfort zone.

Deanne is a strong advocate for community involvement and urges her clients to be themselves in all situations as preparation for living independently. The trusting relationships she has built with each individual have made them more willing to push themselves to meet their goals. They know that Deanne will be there to help and support them if they need it.

Deanne, your uplifting Attitude fosters a positive culture within each home that creates an environment more conducive to effective treatment. Thank you for going above and beyond in helping the individuals you support to live their best lives.


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