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The Way We Lead / August 24, 2023

All Ways Caring HomeCare Caregiver Melanie Devine has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Coeur D’Alene, ID.

Melanie is always looking for new ways to create a happy and safe environment for her clients. She is proactive and thinks outside the box when it comes to assisting individuals with their goals. She uses each person’s strengths to motivate them and build a foundation for their continued progress.

Melanie encourages her individuals to see the value in helping others and how that can improve their quality of life. One of her clients loves Halloween, and Melanie suggested that he help his mom decorate her house for the holiday. After successfully completing the activity, Melanie asked the individual, “How do you think you could help your mom each season? What would be helpful and fun for you at the same time?” She explained how helping his mom with daily tasks will make her feel appreciated, and these efforts have since strengthened the relationship between the client and his mother.

Open communication is important, and Melanie works with each client to develop this habit in their daily lives. One of her individuals has a goal to ask the staff questions instead of calling his mom or grandma. Melanie made sure she communicated this goal to the family so that they can work together in helping the client make progress.

Melanie, your emphasis on clear Communication keeps everyone in the know and allows for stronger collaboration. Thank you for all you do to help others live their best lives.


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