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The Way We Lead / August 28, 2023

ResCare Community Living Residential Manager Donna Harman has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Princeton, WV.

Donna goes above and beyond to facilitate the friendships and relationships of her individuals. One of her clients had a job at the agency’s print shop where he met a young woman who was a client at the waiver program. Their friendship grew over time, but after the print shop closed they didn’t see each other as frequently. After many phone conversations, they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Donna makes sure to set aside time each week so that the two individuals can go on a date. She helps coordinate these dates each Friday and ensure her client greets his girlfriend with flowers or another surprise.

Donna enjoys finding unique ways to help her individuals reach their goals. Recently, she started assisting them with money management using her couponing and bargain shopping skills. She regularly takes the clients to discount stores, yard sales, and thrift stores as well as introducing them to clearance racks. Each week, Donna sits down with some of the individuals to clip coupons for the local grocery stores. The clients enjoy going grocery shopping and checking the receipts to see how much money they saved on each trip.

Thank you, Donna, for creating a people-focused Environment. Using activities that your clients enjoy to help them reach their goals encourages their progress and allows them to live their best lives.


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