All Ways Caring HomeCare – Jackie Jacobson

The Way We Lead / May 4, 2023

May is Nurses Month and today we recognize All Ways Caring HomeCare Registered Nurse Supervisor Jackie Jacobson, who has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Cordele, Georgia.

One of Jackie’s favorite parts of her job is working with admissions. She loves to meet people and learn about them, using that information to provide the best care. She extends that same compassion to her coworkers. Branch Manager Mary Little says, “She takes gloves and masks to our caregivers that live far away so they can continue serving our clients without having to travel to the office.”

Another example was a situation where a caregiver was unable to make it to a client’s home for a visit. Without hesitation, Jackie went to that caregiver’s home 45 minutes away, picked them up, and drove them to the client’s home. This generosity allowed the client to keep receiving the care they needed. Jackie then returned to the client’s home and took the caregiver back to their house.

Thank you, Jackie! Your positive Attitude is contagious and an important part of helping people live their best lives.


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