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The Way We Lead / July 31, 2023

All Ways Caring HomeCare Caregiver Wendy Latimer has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Fairbanks, AK.

Wendy has worked with several of the same clients throughout the entirety of her 13-year tenure with All Ways Caring. She has become the go-to for providing onsite training to new caregivers and is known within her agency as the “Pioneer of Caregiving.”

Wendy’s clients regularly commend her as being trustworthy and a safeguard to them in many areas. Beyond simply showing up for them, these clients know Wendy cares for their personal lives and well-being. She proves to be attentive in all aspects of care, including coordinating visits with relatives to create positive memories.

One of Wendy’s individuals lives in a more confined space, making it difficult to maneuver around medical equipment and provide necessary care. Wendy took it upon herself to creatively rearrange the space so that she can assist this client in a safer and more comprehensive manner. She goes above and beyond like this to help those around her, clients and coworkers alike, to live their best lives.

You have developed a people-focused Environment within your agency, Wendy, and your work in training new caregivers will allow this legacy to continue. Thank you for setting the bar for those around you and encouraging the best from everyone you meet.


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