Hospice of North Alabama – Keith Glass

The Way We Lead / August 3, 2023

Hospice of North Alabama On-Call Registered Nurse Keith Glass has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Huntsville, AL.

In July, HomeCare Homebase recognized Keith with the Gold Standard Award for Providing Exceptional Patient Care. Winners of this award are carefully selected for their expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Keith joined the Hospice of North Alabama team in 2015. Throughout his eight-year tenure, he has been involved with new employee orientation and has traveled to sister companies within the state to share his patient care skills. Keith has become an important resource and guide for new nurses who have difficulty documenting as they go. Regional Director of Operations Julie Doss says, “He is able to show fellow clinicians how to best use their systems and has an excellent success rate with this one-on-one training.”

Keith understands the importance of real-time documentation in determining the most effective and patient-centered plan of care. His dedication to teaching these skills to others raises the overall quality of support and takes an individualized approach to each patient.

Congratulations, Keith! Your Leadership in patient care, clinical education skills, and mentorship capabilities make you an example for those around you. Thank you!


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