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The Way We Lead / August 7, 2023

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Professional Lisa Bilby has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Kokomo, IN.

Lisa supports a group of three brothers who live together in a waiver home. One of the brothers has autism and extreme social anxiety, leading him to have trouble leaving the house on most days. After years of consistent work with this individual, Lisa has been successful in getting him out of the home and into social situations. Every other Sunday, after he completes his chores, Lisa accompanies the individual to the local pharmacy where he purchases a few items of his choice. He has learned to complete the entire transaction independently, and now looks forward to the social interaction. This individual reports that he is the most comfortable with Lisa, and will only go on the outing with her.

Lisa often goes above and beyond in promoting the well-being and independence of the brothers she supports. She assisted one of the individuals in adopting a dog as a form of therapy, which led to the individual wanting to install a fence. Lisa went to the home on her days off, dug post holes, and put up a chain link fence so that the client and his dog could both enjoy the backyard.

Thank you for your encouraging Attitude, Lisa! You can see the possibilities and know how to assist your individuals in reaching their goals, allowing them to live their best lives.


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