Rehab Without Walls – Sage Goodman and Deb Rollins

The Way We Lead / August 10, 2023

Rehab Without Walls Physical Therapist Sage Goodman and Occupational Therapist Deb Rollins have been Working Smart and Doing Good in Portland, OR.

Sage and Deb both joined Rehab Without Walls five months ago. Their patient, Kevin, suffered a traumatic brain injury over a year ago and had been working in the intensive day program with the goal of returning to his lifelong favorite hobby of fishing.

With the support and assistance of Sage and Deb, Kevin recently went on his first fishing expedition since his injury. Sage said, “From day one, Kevin made his fishing and hunting goals clear. When Amy Maurer, Occupational Therapy Assistant, suggested taking him fishing, we got the entire team involved in the planning. Kevin caught a rainbow trout in the first 10 minutes. His smile said it all!”

Kevin was able to cast the fishing line himself and even cleaned and help prepare the fish for dinner with his spouse. He attributed these skills to his hard work and dedication to his therapies. With the assistance of Sage and Deb, Kevin was able to successfully accomplish one of his biggest goals. Deb says, “This experience perfectly demonstrates why I chose to be an Occupational Therapist. We can insert ourselves into their world and facilitate their safe re-engagement in meaningful occupations.”

Thank you, Sage and Deb, for your commitment to Get Going! You know your business and how to assist your patients in accomplishing their goals through personal and meaningful methods. Your dedication to helping others live their best lives is appreciated.


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