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The Way We Lead / July 27, 2023

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Lead Sammi Karei has been Working Smart and Doing Good in DeSoto, IL.

Sammi began his career with ResCare Community Living 18 years ago. In that time, he has developed a broad knowledge base of strategies that help the individuals he supports to live their best lives. Program Manager Lori Switcher says, “Sammi finds ways to connect with each person and uses their preferences and decision-making abilities to promote independence within the home.”

A new client who came to Sammi’s home was of Hispanic descent and had difficulty communicating. Not only did Sammi begin to learn Spanish so he could understand and respond to this individual, he also played mariachi music and established “Taco Tuesdays” to incorporate this person’s culture into the home and make them feel more comfortable.

Fostering strong relationships has consistently been one of Sammi’s priorities. As he has family in another country, Sammi understands the importance of maintaining these connections. He facilitates weekly phone and video calls for his clients and has driven individuals up to six hours each way for family visits. Sammi also assists his individuals in developing friendships by organizing group activities such as cookouts, movie nights, or birthday parties in collaboration with other homes.

Thank you for being You and setting an example, Sammi. Your ability to connect with each individual assists them in achieving their goals, thereby making them more comfortable and independent within the home.


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