Hospice of the Midwest – Lynnea Anderson

The Way We Lead / August 25, 2022

Hospice of the Midwest Executive Director Lynnea Anderson is Working Smart and Doing Good in Guthrie Center, Iowa. Lynnea is the winner of the 2022 Hospice LEGACY Leader of the Year award. Hospice of the Midwest also received the Hospice 2022 Quality Award.

Lynnea joined the team in 2015 and now oversees five locations across Iowa and Nebraska. In 2021, Hospice of the Midwest exceeded eight different variables in their quality scores, including Hospice Item Set (HIS), revocation, discharges, as well as family and patient ratings. These results were achieved through ongoing efforts to create a people-focused Environment for the team and the patients they support. Lynnea also maintains a focus on staff education and development by providing quality-focused training opportunities each month.

“Lynnea is talented, caring, and a tremendous leader of people,” said Senior Vice President Kevin McDaniel. “She is great at selecting and building talent and does it all with a can-do Attitude.”

Lynnea, congratulations on earning this award. We’d also like to recognize the entire Hospice of the Midwest team for their Quality Award win! Thank you, all, for leaving your LEGACY.


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