Onco360 – Bryanna Yocum

The Way We Lead / April 6, 2023

Onco360 Senior Operational Trainer Bryanna Yocum has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Louisville, KY.

Bryanna is Onco360’s winner for the 2023 People Award. She is an asset to the Operations Team, and has been instrumental to growth and training within the company.

Chief Pharmacy Officer Chris Urban says, “Bryanna consistently identifies new opportunities and additional resources for herself and other managers to continue learning. This allows them to provide more in-depth and well-rounded training for their teams.” She is dedicated to making sure those around her can be successful.

Continuing education is an important focus for Bryanna. Beyond designing and implementing department-specific training for inbound new hires, Bryanna coordinates refresher training to assist employees that may be struggling. She also conducts “Meetings of the Minds” where members of all Operational Teams provide feedback and suggestions toward overall continuous improvement.

Congratulations, Bryanna! Thank you for using your positive Attitude and out-of-the-box thinking to help people live their best lives.


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