ResCare Community Living – Joe Tontodonato

The Way We Lead / April 3, 2023

ResCare Community Living Executive Director Joe Tontodonato has been Working Smart and Doing Good in San Diego, CA.

Joe won the 2023 ResCare Community Living Executive Director of the Year Award. He is passionate about providing excellent care and dedicated to serving others. Joe led the San Diego operation in implementing Task-Master Pro, maintaining a documentation rate of 95% or greater while simultaneously maintaining QuickMAR documentation at a rate of 99% or greater.

Joe fosters a people-focused environment for both employees and the people they support. Regional Director Shawn Karimi says, “Joe knows how important it is to ensure our individuals are engaged in the community and have opportunities for meaningful social interactions.” He also finds creative ways to celebrate the successes of staff and make sure they are recognized for their contributions.

Congratulations, Joe! Your Leadership has built a strong foundation for the San Diego operation, centered on compassion and dynamic relationships. Thank you for your commitment to helping people live their best lives.


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