Rehab Without Walls – Elizabeth Moore

The Way We Lead / March 21, 2024

Rehab Without Walls (RWW) Outpatient Rehab Director Elizabeth Moore has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Phoenix, AZ.

Elizabeth won the Rehabilitation Division’s Quality Award for this year. Her positive Attitude is the cornerstone of the culture she has built, reflected in her Patient Satisfaction scores. 100% of her 2023 scores reported “satisfied” or “very satisfied” responses.

Beyond work in her own clinic, Elizabeth has been instrumental in mentoring other outpatient clinic leaders and assisting in the standardization of key processes, including competency requirements to ensure clinical quality. She has also helped develop protocols for several treatment options.

Elizabeth’s clinics are well-integrated into their community. They host graduate students from local universities, educate patients about opportunities to participate in local research projects, and host educational programs for health care professionals and the public. In addition, one clinic created the HOPE Program, an exercise program that allows patients with diagnoses such as Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, or Multiple Sclerosis to maintain their progress once traditional therapy has ended.

Congratulations, Elizabeth! You set an example for your coworkers, clients, and others in the community. Your focus on quality is evident in your work and has contributed to your overall success. Thank you for helping others to live their best lives.


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