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The Way We Lead / March 7, 2024

Rehab Without Walls Physical Therapist Erika Brady has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Anna, TX.

Erika received this year’s Pate Rehabilitation Ben Hayden Award, an honor given to an individual who exemplifies all of Pate’s core values: relationships, empowerment, integrity, compassion, respect, and innovation.

Erika connects with each patient and incorporates their goals into functional and relevant therapies. For example, one recent patient had a stroke during surgery to amputate his leg. As a result, he had to move to assisted living and became depressed after losing independence. This patient used to love reading, but has struggled since his injury. Erika took him to his local library, got him a library card, and helped him check out books he could work on reading with his speech therapist. His family and friends will now also take him to the library, and he is always excited to bring new books to therapy and show how his reading has improved.

Incorporating job tasks into therapy is also a focus for Erika. One patient returned to work as a firefighter and before his evaluation, Erika had him bring in all of his equipment and perform the test he would have to complete prior to his return. This patient had fears about going back to his job and was unsure he could do it, but with Erika’s support, he was able to complete his test and gain confidence.

Congratulations, Erika! Not only do you demonstrate Pate’s core values, but you also go above and beyond to foster a people-focused Environment. Tailoring treatments and therapies to each patient is important for sustaining motivation and helping each person you support live their best life.


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