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The Way We Lead / January 23, 2024

Rehab Without Walls (RWW) Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Fiyoung Lee has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Irving, TX.

William Sterchak was injured in 2021 after falling from a second-story apartment, suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple fractures, and several other severe injuries. Fiyoung joined the RWW team in September 2023, and William became one of her first patients after he began the comprehensive home and community program last November.

Prior to his injury, William lived independently. He worked in the food industry and had a passion for hockey. Getting back on the ice was his primary goal, and Fiyoung embraced that, tapping into his love of the sport to drive his recovery. With Fiyoung’s help, William started participating in a free adaptive program with the Dallas Stars. This six-week program led to other possibilities for William, including new career or volunteer opportunities.

Centering his recovery around hockey helped William start reaching his goals, including better retention of information. William’s sister told RWW she never thought she would see him on skates again and was so excited at how well he was doing.

Fiyoung, you know how to Get Going and use your knowledge of individuals to aid in their treatment. Thank you for your commitment to your patients, personalizing their care effectively and helping them to live their best lives.


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