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The Way We Lead / July 10, 2023

Rehab Without Walls Therapeutic Recreation Specialist LeeAnn Isley has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Lansing, MI.

LeeAnn joined the Rehab Without Walls team just over three years ago. In May, LeeAnn and Occupational Therapist Kelsey Flynn worked with the Detroit airport and Delta Airlines to help their patient, Denver, book his first flight since his spinal cord injury.

Denver and his wife had been apprehensive about flying, uncertain of what the experience would be like and how they would be able to navigate potential challenges. LeeAnn took initiative to schedule a session at the airport. They were able to practice getting through security and boarding the plane, as well as communicate with staff about more detailed concerns. This experience helped both Denver and his wife feel more confident about booking his flight.

LeeAnn’s focus on the individual is an important part of their treatment. Through her personalized approach, she is better equipped to help each patient work toward their specific goals.

Thank you for consistently fostering a people-focused Environment, LeeAnn. Your commitment to focusing on each person as an individual allows you a unique insight into helping them live their best lives.


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